Basic Skills Improvement
Strengthen your foundational skills


We provide service to students who choose to strengthen their foundational skills in mathematics, reading, writing and grammar. Our teachers can help you progress from your current skill level to the college level.

Research in education has shown that students who participate in basic skills development are more successful in their college level classes. LBCC’s college research department has found that students who enroll in BAE 601B are more successful in their later English, Math, and Reading courses than students who do not attend.

The Multidisciplinary Success Centers can help you:

  • Brush up on some of the skills you learned in school but may have forgotten.
  • Review how to do fractions, decimals or other basic math skills.
  • Review how to use commas, punctuation or grammar.
  • Develop non-cognitive skills including self-efficacy, grit, and organization.

Our staff is here to help:

  • We have a full staff of highly qualified instructors to help you along the way.
  • We have a variety of materials and instructional methods to help you, including computer programs, printed materials, and one-on-one instruction.
  • We tailor learning to students’ personal preferences and learning styles as much as possible.

Our two BAE 601 courses (BAE 601A and 601B) are designed to meet your needs:

  • Free, non-credit courses.
  • Because these courses are not graded, prepare for college without the stress of worrying about a grade.
  • Flexible schedule options give you time and opportunity to explore the many other resources available to students of LBCC.
  • As a student in a BAE course, you can get acclimated to the college environment while you prepare for the more challenging work ahead.
  • BAE 601B course completion will also qualify you to earn a College and Workplace Readiness Certificate.

We can help get you started:

  • Come in to the one of the Multidisciplinary Success Centers (PCC in EE-206 or LAC in L-212).
  • All students must have a student I.D. number and Viking Student System password to register.
  • Qualifying students can receive a permission number to add the course only during the semester in which they take the course.