Bess J. Hodges Foundation


The Bess Hodges Foundation is the perfect example of how community institutions help support our students. Founded in 1984 by Bess Hodges and George Murchison, the Bess Hodges Foundation sought to enhance the community by supporting education, health, human services, public affairs, and the arts. In the beginning, the Hodges Foundation supported a scholarship for Long Beach City College accounting students, giving $500 in each half of the year. Each year, they receive approximately 80 grant requests, and are able to fund 65-70 of those requests. Since its inception, the Bess Hodges Foundation has given grants totaling about $7 million.

George and Joyce Murchison are keystone members of the Long Beach community. George Murchison was one of the founders of the Long Beach City College Foundation in 1981, was the second president, and is currently an emeritus of the LBCC Foundation. He received the President’s Award and was inducted to the LBCC Hall of Fame in 1984.

The Bess Hodges Foundation has supported the Superintendent President’s initiatives and Long Beach City College’s mission and vision through continued annual donations. Most recently, the Bess Hodges Foundation made a $5,000 donation to support the LBCC Nursing Program and to provide a scholarship for a deserving LBCC student studying accounting.

When asked, George Murchison let out a rich laugh and spoke fondly of his time at LBCC. “When I was there in ’55 and ’56, I had a rough start. But thanks to my academy teacher Glee Duncan, he got me on track for accounting, and became a mentor to me.” He met his wife, Joyce, at LBCC. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Bess Hodges Foundation.

Thank you to Bess Hodges Foundation for your continued support of our students. It is with the support of dedicated community members like these that we can all pave the way for future Long Beach City College students.