Black Faculty & Staff Association

Black students smiling wearing graduation gown


The BFSA provides support, advocacy, a safe space, and a community to employees who identify as Black, African, African American, and Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). The association works toward equity and inclusion in recruiting, hiring, and retention of diverse employees and is committed to creating a sense of employee community recognizing rich heritage, culture, traditions, and movements.


1. To foster and build a community where Black, African, African American, and BIPOC faculty and staff can share their experiences in a safe collegial environment via meetings, social gatherings, and college & community events.

2. Work with the district to ensure that policies, procedures, and practices are equitable and inclusive of the Black, African, African American, and BIPOC community/experience.

3. To advocate and assist in the recruitment and retention of Black, African, African American and BIPOC individuals for classified, faculty, and administrative positions by collaborating with departments and offices across the campus as part of the shared governance process.

4. Present and support events that celebrate and explore the Black, African, African American, and BIPOC experiences and community at the college.

5. To promote understanding of Black, African, African American, and BIPOC concerns and to provide a proactive organization capable of addressing problems, and, when necessary, bring these concerns to the attention of the appropriate level of college administration. This may be accomplished through advocacy for equitable treatment in admissions, job opportunities, promotions, and a workplace free of discrimination or racial tension that aligns with the framework for reconciliation. 

Black Faculty & Staff Association Officers

President Dr. Erainia Freeman
Vice President Dr. Jerome Hunt
Secretary Angeli Francois
Treasurer Shyra Compton
Events Chair (Vacant)
Membership Chair Dave Gayle
LAC Representative Dr. Alisia Kirkwood
LAC Representative Rachele Ross
PCC Representative Erika Thomas-Eddens
PCC Representative Michele Pope