Cesar Fierro-Arizon
ASB President, Class of 2021


Cesar Fierro-Arizon’s ASB Presidency was anything but ordinary. Beginning in July 2020, he spent the months leading up to and beginning his term looking for a team that not only wanted to advance his Agenda, but had the ability to do so during a time that has seen unprecedented road blocks for education and business.

Despite that, he was still able to advocate for sanitary products on campus for women, pass a proposal for stipends for future Associated Student Body Leaders, and increase awareness for the ASB by encouraging faculty members to present information about the ASB to their classes.

And he did all of that while navigating his own education and foray into politics during the pandemic. “[I was] finding my identity and learning how to speak up for myself in spaces where I didn’t see people like me. As a Black-Chicano, it was difficult knowing who I was as a man of color and learning the barriers I faced as I continued with my academic journey.”

Fortunately for Cesar, he had the support of faculty like Professor Milo Alvarez, whose Chicano Studies course “opened up my eyes, understanding my history and learning where I come from. It influenced my leadership in ASB.”

Cesar, who is on his way to the University of California, Davis next fall, is hoping to come back to his Alma Mater in a few years and teach Ethnic Studies. When asked if he had a message for his fellow Viking graduates, Cesar aptly said “we did it, not even a pandemic can stop us from graduating!”

Congratulations again to Cesar, and congratulations to every member of Long Beach City College’s Class of 2021!