Committee Functions & Responsibilities


The Student Success Committee supports the student success efforts of the college in alignment with the Strategic Plan, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide input and support to the leadership of subcommittees;
  • Review and make recommendations on the development and ongoing updates on, but not limited to, the Basic Skills Plan, the Student Success and Support Plan, the Student Equity Plan, the Integrated Plan, the Promise Pathways Plan, the Strong Workforce Plan, and the Adult Education Plan;
  • Recommend methods to integrate and prioritize the work of identified groups, committees, taskforces, and programs to share information and minimize duplication of efforts;
  • Recommend priorities for the student success agenda;
  • Recommend criteria for institutionalizing innovative and effective programs based upon evaluative evidence;
  • Provide ongoing recommendations about student success improvement efforts;
  • Communicate recommendations to other participatory governance bodies and the college community;

Receive reports from the identified groups, committees, taskforces, and related plans