Functions & Responsibilities


The Viking Pathways Taskforce will recommend practices that encourage a strategic response to the development and implementation of the guided pathways framework as defined through the LBCC Strategic Plan and the CCCGP Work Plans. The taskforce will:

  • Support and provide transparent and flexible planning, implementation, and evaluation process that ensures all constituent groups have the opportunity for input
  • Facilitate regular, ongoing, and engaging progress toward the full implementation of guided pathways
  • Develop, promote, participate, and provide recommendations for the implementation of strategies, projects, and activities necessary for guided pathways
  • Support the development of clear and concise information for students that encourages clarification of paths, helps students choose and stay on their path, and ensures that students are learning
  • Form workgroups and provide direction to existing committees and departments to complete activities, as needed
  • Share ideas, strategies, and planned activities with the GPCT for input prior to implementation.