Commencement Policies
Rules & regulations for the ceremony

Academic Regalia

Participants must wear traditional academic regalia. Only cordons or other insignias that represent an academic achievement or academic honor may be worn on the standard attire.

Attire for Graduates

All graduates must be in cap and gown. No high heels, purses or cameras. Only the following can be worn in addition to your Cap and Gown:

  • Honor Society or Cultural pins
  • ASB Cabinet, Viking Award, Pacific Coast Crystal, Senate Star, or approved program pins (Pins should be worn on your left lapel).
  • Flower Leis
  • Academic or cultural stoles.
Important Reminders 
  • Graduates wearing inappropriate attire or displaying anything other than what is approved will be asked to remove the inappropriate item(s). If the student refuses, they will be escorted out of the stadium.
  • Due to the close proximity to the Long Beach Airport BALLOONS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN VETERANS STADIUM. Guests will be asked to keep balloons in their cars.
  • Following the ceremony, you must return your hood to the tables located in Parking Lot M.
  • Because of the wind at Veterans Stadium, it is recommended that you bring bobby pins to help keep your cap on.