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ConferZoom Privacy & Security

We understand there are concerns with privacy and Zoom.   CCC Chancellor’s Office and the CCC Technology Center has a systemwide contract for ConferZoom.  The contract has been properly vetted, particularly in regards to data privacy.  Conferzoom and Zoom comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and FERPA.  They do not monitor meetings.  Zoom only collects information required to host meetings.

Below is the ConferZoom’s privacy statement as well as recommendation to prevent “Zoom Bombing”.

ConferZoom Video Guides

Below are two training videos on how to use ConferZoom

[VIDEO] ConferZoom Part 1 of 2: Accessing & Using ConferZoom
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[VIDEO] ConferZoom Part 2 of 2: Using ConferZoom in Canvas
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[VIDEO] Skype for Business: A Quick Introduction
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[VIDEO] Skype for Business: Step-by-step Guide for New Users
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