Course SLOs (CSLOs)


At the course level, faculty create SLOs to explain to students and outside agencies what should be learned in a course. Faculty then use assessments to generate and collect information that can be used to evaluate their courses, with the overall goal of improving educational quality and student learning. 

The SLOs for a course represent the learning expectations for the course. Knowing the learning outcomes can give students an idea as to what faculty believe is crucial for student learning in that course. As such, it is recommended that students find out what each course’s SLOs are and consider how best to approach the course. 

Students can locate a course’s SLOs by reading the course syllabus, by asking their instructors, or by accessing the Course Outline of Record for a specific course.

The faculty who teach a course decide how to assess each SLO. Often faculty will use an assignment, quiz, essay, or exam that is already part of the course to assess the learning outcomes. SLO assessments are typically given/taken on Canvas, and instructors will provide students with the necessary information required to complete the assessment(s) at the right time.