COVID-19 Campus Access and Reopening


During the COVID-19 campus closure, LBCC has created detailed plans in accordance with local health orders to offer essential labs and other functions to support employees and students working and learning remotely.  An essential lab is one that offers training to students in a field specified in the health orders to be “essential” and requires a hands-on component, such as Nursing or Automotive.

District-wide Campus Access Plan

Reopening Task Force 

LBCC has convened a Reopening Task Force in anticipation of relaxation of some of the COVID-related health order restrictions and a gradual resumption of on-campus activities.  Below are the goals of the steering committee:

  1. Develop priorities for reopening of activities/services
  2. Create district-wide and campus-specific reopening schedules reflecting strategic and staggered re-opening of activities and services
  3. Review Reopening Department/Activity Subcommittee Plans

March 5, 2021, Meeting Agenda
March 5, 2021, Summary Notes
March 25, 2021, Meeting Agenda
March 25, 2021, Summary Notes
April 1, 2021, Meeting Agenda
April 1, 2021, Summary Notes
April 15, 2021, Meeting Agenda
April 15, 2021, Summary Notes
April 21, 2021, Meeting Agenda
April 21, 2021, Summary Notes
April 29, 2021, Meeting Agenda
April 29, 2021, Summary Notes
May 6, 2021, Meeting Agenda

Additional information will be posted on this page as the work of the Task Force Steering Committee and subcommittees progresses.