Dream.US Scholarship
Helping Dreamers Achieve Their Educational Dreams


The Dream.US program works to help thousands of DREAMers graduate from college with career-ready degrees. Because they have limited access to state and federal funds, Dream.US is dedicated to building partnerships with local colleges to provide financial support to DREAMers as they pursue their academic goals.

Long Beach City College is one of many Partner Colleges that strive to serve low-income, first-generation students and provide ongoing support and assistance to address all of the emotional, lifestyle, and financial challenges that may prevent our students from completing college.

National Scholarship

DREAMers attending Long Beach College are eligible for the National Scholarship Award which covers tuition and fees up to a certain amount (total amount can vary) for both an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree. Some recipients may also be eligible for an additional stipend for books, supplies, and transportation.

The Award is renewable each year and is based upon meeting the continuing eligibility criteria. For more information, you can visit TheDream.US.