Establish a Scholarship


The success of our students is one of the most important aspects of the mission of Long Beach City College. Thanks to the generosity of various donors, LBCC offers many opportunities for students to achieve their educational and career goals through additional financial support. Donate any amount to the LBCC General Scholarship, or you can establish a named or endowed scholarship.

If you are interested in establishing an annual, endowed or external scholarship, please contact the LBCC Foundation office. 

Annual Scholarship

Make $1,000 gift for a minimum of three years in order to award a named scholarship each year. If the minimum donation is not received for each of the three years, the scholarship will not be awarded.

Endowed Scholarship

A minimum of gift of $25,000.00 must be made to create an endowed scholarship and the interest on the endowed amount is the award given as a scholarship each year. The initial gift may be made over a period of five years. 

Agency Scholarship (Student-Specific)

External companies, organizations, and foundation may provide scholarships to specific students. Individuals may not establish external scholarships. 

To fund an external scholarship, please include the following in your mailing: 

  • A letter with the Student Name and LBCC ID#, if possible. 
  • Any criteria to determine eligibility (if applicable). 
  • Your contact information 
  • A check made out to the LBCC Foundation (with Student name and ID# in the memo).