Faculty Curriculum Reference Book
Feb. 2010


This Faculty Curriculum Reference Book is intended to be a guide for Long Beach City College faculty members who desire to participate in the curriculum process. This Reference Book was revised in fall 2005 by the Course Evaluation Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction. This Reference Book is intended to complement the March 2003 edition of the Program and Course Approval Handbook published by the Chancellor’s Office, which outlines the legal framework for curriculum work in the California community colleges.

The Course Evaluation Subcommittee’s intent is for this Reference Book to provide comprehensive definitions of the curriculum process, starting at the faculty level within a school through final approval by the Long Beach City College Board of Trustees. The Subcommittee anticipates that this Reference Book will also provide a user-friendly resource for all participants. The intent was to compile a detailed reference, allowing users to read pertinent sections of interest to them and to provide a comprehensive resource for all curriculum documentation. Most subjects within the Reference Book are designed to provide guidance with respect to the issues, facts, and minimum standards which the members of the Course Evaluation Subcommittee are required to review when a proposal comes before them.

Chapter 1: Curriculum Development Process
Chapter 2: Credit Course Standards
Chapter 3: New Credit Courses
Chapter 4: Requisite Request
Chapter 5: Noncredit Course Outline
Chapter 6: New Course Supplemental Worksheet
Chapter 7: Impact Assessment Form
Chapter 8: Changing an Existing Course
Chapter 9: Course Review
Chapter 10: Articulation