Financial Aid Progress & Dismissal


Standards required by the U.S. Department of Education state all students must successfully complete their courses at a pace that will allow them to meet the maximum time frame requirement.

Long Beach City College Policy:  All students must successfully complete 67% of all attempted units, including units transferred in, to meet this standard.  ESL and lower-level remedial classes are not included in this calculation.  Units for which a student receives a grade of “F”, “I” (incompletes) or “W” are not successfully completed.  Students who do not meet this standard will receive a Warning Notice.  If the student does not meet this standard by end of the warning period (one semester), the student will be placed on SAP Dismissal and financial aid will be terminated until the semester the student meets this standard.

You can submit the Enrollment Priority & CA College Promise Grant if you wish to appeal an SAP Dismissal.