Foundational Skills
Strengthen your foundational skills

A student smiling at the camera, sitting behind a laptop Do you want to:
  • prep for college-level classes without cost?
  • explore LBCC resources & acclimate to the environment on your own schedule?
  • get caring, knowledgeable advice?
  • add a certificate to your resume?

Enroll in FS 600 or 605!


Students jumpstarting their education want a low-cost, flexible way to explore their options in a friendly environment with the help of knowledgeable instructors. In these free non-credit, self-paced courses, you’ll work with instructors to identify and brush up on the specific areas you need to give you confidence for the college road ahead.

What is the Foundational Skills Program?

  • 2 free, non-credit courses will not use up your financial aid
  • Non-graded, so you can prepare for college without worrying about grades
  • Online, in-person & hybrid class options
  • Strengthen mathematics, reading, writing, and grammar skills for college classes
  • Explore & acclimate to the college environment while you prepare for more challenging work
  • Completing both courses and earn a Certificate of Competency, Foundational Skills

How Do I Enroll?

  1. Enroll at LBCC
  2. Register in in FS 600 and/or FS 605
  3.  Call 562-938-4393 or email if you need more information.