Foundational Skills Improvement
Strengthen your foundational skills


The Basic Adult Education (BAE) program can help you develop and strengthen your foundational skills in mathematics, reading, writing, and grammar through an individualized program of study.  

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the BAE courses are currently offered online only. 

BAE 601 A and 601 B are designed to meet your needs:

  • Free, non-credit courses
  • Non-graded, so you are able to prepare for college without worrying about grades 
  • Flexible schedule options give you the time and opportunity to explore resources available to LBCC students 
  • You can get acclimated to the college environment while you prepare for the more challenging work ahead
  • Completing BAE 601 B may qualify you to earn a College and Workplace Readiness Certificate

To Get Started:

  1. Email and provide:
    1. Your goal for taking the course (for example: to prepare for a specific math course, to prepare for the GED or TEAS, etc.)
    2. Your LBCC Student ID number.
  2. You will be asked to take a few intake assessments via Canvas so we can best place you in a course.
  3. Once you complete the assessments, you will hear from an instructor.
    1. If BAE can help you achieve your goal at the college, you will be issued a permission number
    2. You will work with an instructor in developing your individualized program of study

All students must have a Student ID # and Viking Student System password to register.