FPD Committees


The Faculty Professional Development Office has developed a strong peer oversight of all the professional development for faculty at Long Beach City College. We have seven subcommittees, plus the more independent Sabbatical Committee and a collaborative partnership with the Instructional Technologies Development Center. Each of the seven subcommittees offers a specific function to ensure the faculty professional development activities meet the current needs of faculty and are of a high quality.

Flex Subcommittee

The college has 3 days in the college calendar that are devoted to faculty professional development. During these 3 days classes are canceled and the entire day is devoted to professional development for faculty. Activities on these days include workshops on campus on a wide variety of topics. In addition, faculty may choose to do independent projects or group projects. For the independent and group projects, faculty must apply to this subcommittee for approval. Each proposal is discussed by the committee to ensure it meets the criteria set out by the California Community College Chancellors Office.

This committee acts to ensure a coherent, focused, faculty development program and structure that encourages faculty ownership of faculty development efforts, encourages collegiality, and actively facilitates professional growth in a variety of areas. Our goal is to assist faculty in addressing individual professional development needs and increase resources for faculty development.

Current topics include a focus on providing opportunities to enhance instruction and student learning outcomes, promote student success, keep up with the contemporary demands of education and one’s chosen field, revitalize and maintain enthusiasm for teaching, support personal health and professional growth.

Mentoring Subcommittee

The Faculty Mentoring Committee coordinates the selection of a mentor for each new faculty member. This mentor has the responsibility to welcome the new faculty to Long Beach City College, serve as an information connector, and help people adjust and feel at home.

The committee provides guidance and support in an atmosphere of trust for professional and personal growth of newly hired faculty. The committee helps faculty understand the administrative hierarchy of the workplace and identify faculty development opportunities for the new faculty.

Resources & Opportunities Subcommittee

The Faculty Professional Development Resources and Opportunities Committee approves conference requests for both full and part-time faculty. The rigorous peer review process determines whether the requested conference will benefit the person, department in which they represent and /or students and falls within the written policies including issues such as timeliness and budget resources.

New Faculty Orientation Subcommittee

The New Faculty Orientation Committee introduces new faculty to Long Beach City College and their faculty roles and responsibilities. The activities for new faculty include one day of orientation with leaders and departments on both campuses. Each new faculty attends the pedagogical Brain-Based Learning Institute and College Culture workshops for one year as part of their orientation to the college.

Faculty Advertisement & Communication of Excellence Subcommittee

The Faculty Advertisement and Communication of Excellence Committee is responsible for awareness and communication of all the Faculty Professional events, opportunities and achievements. Activities include highlighting sabbatical projects, advertising and marketing Faculty Professional Development events, producing and distributing a newsletter, and honoring achievements by faculty.

Faculty Teaching & Learning Center Subcommittee

The Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Committee coordinates the content and delivery of ongoing faculty professional development in the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. Activities include the Department Head Academy, the Brain-Based Learning Institute, College Culture Workshops and Book Clubs.

Faculty Professional Development Steering Committee

This committee is chaired by the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator and consists of the subcommittee chairs. This group develops policy proposals for Academic Senate approval and advises the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator on all Faculty professional development activities.