Funding Our Future Campaign
100 Years of Viking Excellence


When people think of fundraising campaigns, they often think of raising money for capital projects, especially for new buildings.  Since the community has generously passed two bonds, which are paying for the renovation of both the Liberal Arts Campus and the Pacific Coast Campus, the “Funding Our Future” campaign is all about direct student support.

“Long Beach City College will turn 100 in 2027,” stated Paul Kaminski Executive Director of the LBCC Foundation, “we want to make sure that student support funding is in place for the next 100 years. COVID has taught us that student support goes beyond scholarship and tuition. Our students are faced with housing, food, books, technology, and basic day to day expenses, all which impact a student’s ability to have success in the classroom.”

The Foundation conducted a feasibility study in 2020 surveying 1000 constituents and interviewing 40 others.  “The response was one of the most positive studies we have ever conducted,” commented Michele Bignardi the consultant from Netzel Grigsby Associates, the firm that conducted the study. “The one word that emerged from the study was beloved.  The community loves this institution and recognizes the importance of this college.”

 “We have lofty goals. We are creating endowments, immediate needs funds, program support funds, scholarships, Long Beach College Promise funds, and the list goes on,” stressed Kaminski. “This college is part of the history of the city of Long Beach and will continue to be a beacon. We have the opportunity to put funding in place for present and future students and to leave a lasting legacy.”

If you would like more information on how to support our students and make the Funding Our Future Campaign a success, please contact Paul Kaminski at or at 562.537.8334.