Gratitude for 2022
Our donors make the difference!

Flyer for new LBCC Foundation Values: Dynamic, Joyful, Hospitable, Collaborative, Adaptable, Trustworthy

As we make our way into 2023, The LBCC Foundation would like to extend a joyful thank you to all our 2022 donors.  $300,000 came in for student support just in the month of December. “The Long Beach community is extremely generous,” says LBCC Foundation CEO Paul Kaminski, “they understand the need for student support and are making the Funding Our Future campaign a real success.” 

The Funding Our Future Campaign kicked off on January 1, 2020, and will continue through 2027 is about funding current student needs as well as securing funding for the future.  The original campaign goal of $20 million is in the rearview mirror and the current goal now sits at $30 million.  A large portion of this money raised is in endowment and will generate spendable interest to support students in perpetuity.  

The LBCC Foundation recently changed its Vision statement to read, “Guarantee equitable access to financial resources through transformational philanthropy.” 

“I am confident we can surpass the $30 million dollar campaign goal,” assures CEO Paul Kaminski, “Our Vision is about guaranteeing present and future resources for our students.  The community is making that a reality!” 

Thank you to all our loyal Board members, donors, ambassadors, friends, and supporters! 

To contribute to the campaign and support LBCC students, programs, and services, click here