IITS: Cybersecurity – Updated Password Rules (New Employees/Students)


Greetings, LBCC Colleagues:

In an effort to continue keeping LBCC cyber-safe, the following will take place beginning on Tuesday, February 18, 2020:

All new employees & students will be required to create a password that is 16 characters or longer (with 1 upper case character & 1 numeric character).

Additionally, any current employees or students who change or reset their password on or after this date will follow the same rules.

  •          Consider using a passphrase: Passphrases are a great way to create a long password that is complex, easy to remember, but not easily hacked. Just be sure your passphrase is not easily guessed.
  •          Your password/passphrase should be unique: It should not be associated with any of your personal information such as pet names, birthdates, etc. You should also avoid using commonly used phrases, song lyrics, movie quotes, etc. 
  •          Learn more about password/passphrase best practices: Visit IITS’s Information Security Webpage: https://archive.lbcc.edu/InformationSecurity/ISBP-Passwords.cfm.

Phishing Attempts Reminder: As a reminder, no one, not even IITS, should ask for your password. Forward all suspicious emails to reportaphish@lbcc.edu. If you gave your password to someone, immediately change your password at https://portal.lbcc.edu.

Not sure what a phishing attempt looks like? You can read up on this topic here: https://archive.lbcc.edu/InformationSecurity/Phishing.cfm.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our IITS Faculty & Staff Help Desk.