Instructional Media Production

Mission Statement

Instructional Media Production Services (IMPS) provides support via studio & field video productions to assist faculty wishing to integrate video technology into the curriculum of all academic disciplines and to support college service components.

IMPS also produces original programming for broadcast, informational/outreach productions, video streaming as well as materials for inclusion with online, web-based and courseware. IMPS also manages the college’s academic YouTube site.


IMPS provides 4 distinct areas of service:

  1. Productions for instruction, promotion, training and college service
  2. Cable TV broadcasting, electronic billboard productions and streaming
  3. Duplication of non-copyrighted materials
  4. Support for creating original content & scripting

Choice of Production Formats:

  • Video for the Web
  • Instructional Video
  • Podcasting/Audio projects
  • Promotional Videos for Cable TV
  • Electronic Bulletin Board Promotion for Cable TV
  • YouTube Academic Site

 To set up an appointment e-mail us, call or submit a request for services.


Instructional Media Production Services (IMPS) is located in the L-Building (Library/Learning Resource Center).

Enter through the BACK ENTRANCE of the L-Building, near the end of the service road, where it ends at Faculty Ave. Enter through the double doors labeled Media Services (L-139). Turn left at the counter and enter the hallway. You cannot get to our location from the front entrance of the L-Building. We are upstairs from the ITDC in a secure area, so you will need to check in at the HelpDesk service counter (ring the bell if no one is present) or call and we will come down to let you in.

IMPS map