Institutional Self-Evaluation Report


Every seven years the College undergoes a comprehensive review for reaffirmation of accreditation to determine whether the College is continuing to meet the established ACCJC Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and Commission Policies. This comprehensive review begins with the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report  (ISER). The ISER is a report composed by College constituents through a participatory governance committee structure. During this process, the College evaluates itself against the Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and Commission Policies. The ISER is a collaborative undertaking that involves numerous stakeholders from the college including students, classified professionals, faculty, administrators, and Board of Trustees.

The ISER is a data-driven self-reflection that highlights how the College meets ACCJC’s Standards. The ISER should show that Long Beach City College has honestly evaluated where we are doing well and where we can improve in order to meet student needs to the best of our ability. The ISER should also show that the College is managing resources (human, fiscal, technical, and physical) to meet activities and goals that improve student learning. Another important purpose of the ISER is to show that the College engages in continuous self-assessment and improvement. It is important to use evidence that illustrates how we assess our own effectiveness and implement changes that are data-driven.

The ISER is shared with the campus community, the public, ACCJC, and a peer review team who visits the College to determine the College’s compliance with ACCJC standards, requirements, and policies. Ultimately, the ISER is reviewed by the ACCJC with the peer review team’s Team Report and the Commission determines the next steps and actions to take regarding the College’s accreditation status.