LBCC Student-Athletes head to LAFC for Special Night of Professional Development

LBCC Student-Athletes head to LAFC soccer game for Special Night

Long Beach City College student-athletes are impressive! They balance rigorous academic courses with volunteering, jobs, internships, and oftentimes familial responsibilities all on top of a disciplined athletic schedule. One of the pillars of LBCC Athletics is to build Champions of Character, our goal is to adequately equip each student-athlete with the experiences to help them learn lessons and skills to help them through everyday life and navigate their future.   

LBCC Athletic Director, Kal Stewart has implemented student-athlete leadership development nights with professional sports and entertainment teams. This year’s offering took 50 student-athletes and coaches to The Los Angeles FC (LAFC soccer) game located at the Banc of California Stadium in Downtown Los Angeles. Student-athletes and staff received pertinent insights from professional sports and entertainment industry leaders and had the opportunity to Q&A as well as tour the stadium and watch an incredible match!  

Coach Jorge Reyes, Director of Soccer Operations said this about the opportunity: 

“Our LAFC night was very special to our group, specifically to our soccer players. A lot of times, especially at the junior college level, many of our soccer student-athletes are only in school because of the sport. It is our responsibility as their coaches, teachers, administrators, and counselors to show them the value that education has. This is a tough task when the passion and enthusiasm for soccer or the need to work to help out at home often overtakes the desire to attend class. However, when we can find opportunities to intersect all these different realities that student-athletes experience, it is truly special. Being able to see that through education and persistence, our student-athletes have more than one way to work at the MLS club of their dreams. Whether on the field or off the field, each member of the LAFC plays an important role in the organization’s success, and thus are rewarded with championship rings. Therefore, our students’ aspirations to one day work at the professional club do not have to solely depend on their ability on the field.” 

LBCC Foundation is committed to supporting the vision to elevate LBCC Athletics by providing essential leadership access to quality resources that directly support the growth and progress needed for student-athlete achievement. LBCC Athletics strives to create a culture of discipline, resilience, and leadership both on and off the field. These leadership opportunities help LBCC build a culture of athletic leaders that will have a great impact on their future success.  

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