LBCC TechConnect Zoom Sub-account Migration


12/22/20 Update: LBCC TechConnect Zoom Sub-account Migration: Finished

  • LBCC’s TechConnect Zoom Sub-account link starting winter 2021:
  • Support Resources (Help Guides & Videos):
  • Request an account: New employee LBCC TechConnect Zoom account requests should be emailed to

Communication Prior To Migration

At the end of the Fall 2020 Semester (Targeting December 21, 2020 at 11:30pm), LBCC will be migrating all licensed ConferZoom accounts from CCC TechConnect to a local LBCC TechConnect Zoom sub-account.

What does this mean?  And why are we doing this now?  Currently all of our ConferZoom accounts are managed by the Chancellor’s Office. With this migration, LBCC will be provided the ability to manage our local accounts and provide additional local support. LBCC will also be able to integrate a more user-friendly Zoom interface into Canvas which our faculty & students can benefit from starting winter 2021.

The days in-between our fall semester and winter session are one of the rare periods of time in the year when classes are not in session and there is time to make this migration with minimal disruption. Many other CCCs are also migrating during this time frame.

Thank you all in advance for your flexibility as we make this migration!

A Few Benefits to Highlight

This migration will provide LBCC with more local access and control to provide quality support to our colleagues.

Additionally, this migration will provide a new and improved interface into Canvas which will come with the following benefits:

  • The new ConferZoom interface will allow faculty more control over their session settings while in Canvas (security options, recording preferences, and other Zoom options).   
  • It will come with a more user friendly interface for both faculty & students.  
  • Sessions in Canvas will integrate well with the Canvas calendar (students can see planned meetings on their Canvas calendar).
  • & more!

Updated support resources (videos, guides, and support) will be posted here in the coming weeks.

What will NOT change with this migration?

  • The look and structure of your LBCC TechConnect Zoom account will look the same.
  • Most of your current user settings (recording, security, etc.) will remain how you have them at the time of migration.
  • Any pre-scheduled meetings (outside of the Canvas interface) and recording settings will follow your account. 
  • Your prior cloud recordings will follow your account.  

What WILL change with this migration?

  • LBCC will have it’s own Zoom URL: Colleagues will navigate to our new URL starting winter 2021. It will also be updated in Viking Portal.
  • Have the current link bookmarked? You might want to update it to starting winter 2021.
  • A new user friendly TechConnect interface will be in Canvas. See the following section to learn more about how this may impact you and your classes.


IMPORTANT:  If you are using the following: Usage/Attendance Reporting Data and/or ConferZoom in Canvas, please read.

ConferZoom accounts are used in different ways by our colleagues. Please note that the following will apply to some but not all.
Usage & Attendance Reporting Data
  • Do you use the usage/attendance reporting option?  Many of you may not be using this, but if you are, note that current (fall 2020) and previous meeting usage & attendance data reports will not follow your account. If you need this data, please be sure to download all usage reports prior to December 21, 2020 at 5pm.
  • Note this applies to both usage reports in the current ConferZoom website & in the current Canvas interface.
  • Help Guide: How to Download Usage/Attendance Reporting from ConferZoom
ConferZoom Meetings Pre-set within Canvas before Migration
  • If you can wait to schedule your ConferZoom meeting inside Canvas until after December 22, 2020, that would be best.
  • If you have any meetings scheduled in the current Canvas ConferZoom interface prior to migration that are for a future date (winter 2021 session), you will need to reschedule those after December 22, 2020.
  • Resources (guides/videos) to support the new Canvas interface will be posted here.

Post-Migration: Check List (Starting December 22)

Check your Meeting & Account Settings

Our local LBCC TechConnect Zoom sub-account is set up to match what we have already been doing. However, it’s best to double check your account and meetings to make sure your settings are how you need them.

Check your URLs

Update Bookmarks: Effective Winter 2021, our new URL to access LBCC TechConnect Zoom is:

Recording & Meeting URLs: These should redirect, but if they do not, note that you will want to either update your URL or copy/paste the URL from your newly migrated account to the desired location. 

Help Guide: How to Update Cloud Recording URLs (Post-Migration)

Mobile Devices: You may need to sign back into your Zoom app after the migration.

Migration Support

For Faculty - Canvas Zoom Integration Questions: Please Contact our OLET Team
Phone: (562) 938-4357 (connect with OLET team)

For all Colleagues – General ConferZoom Questions: Please contact our IITS Faculty & Staff Help Desk Team
Phone: (562) 938-4357

Continue to visit here to view forthcoming support resources.