Online Etiquette
What to expect in an online counseling session


Online Counseling is offering easy access to students who are unable to meet with a counselor in a traditional face-to-face session.  Please be prepared for the session as you would for an in-person session on campus. As you are aware, web-based counseling is new to many and this guide will give you an overview of appropriate etiquette when interacting in this new environment. 

Privacy & Confidentiality

Please find a private location where you will be able to communicate with the counselor comfortably. It is recommended that you do not log in from a public setting and instead log in from a secure location.

The counseling sessions are confidential. The counselor may share confidential information that needs to remain private. Be sure that others are not around to listen to the conversation that is taking place online. If a private setting is not available, it is recommended that you use a headset.

Preparing for the Live Session

Ask yourself if you would appear the same way if you are meeting with a counselor in person. We recommend the following: 

  • Wear proper attire.
  • Make sure there is proper lighting in the room.
  • Make sure there is little to no background noise.
  • No interruptions – Do not answer phone calls, texts or surf the web during the session. It is important to give your full attention to the counselor. 
  • Be respectful when communicating with your counselor.

What to bring to your counseling sessions

  • A list of questions to ask the counselor.
  • Access to previous Educational Plans.
  • Your ABC GE Plan.
  • A curriculum guide for your major of study.
  • A notepad to take notes of the session.

Final checks before your counseling appointment

  • Test your computer a day in advance to make sure it is ready for the online counseling session by visiting the Cranium Café website.
  • Please log in 10 minutes before your appointment time and wait for your counselor’s invitation in the Lobby.
  • The counselor will add you to an individual counseling session at the time of your appointment.
  • Once you are done with your session, click Exit Meeting to take our survey so that we can better our service in the future.