Pacific Coast Campus Planning


PCC planning occurs at the same time as school planning in the fall. The incorporation of the PCC plan into the annual planning and program review process was piloted in 2019-20 and formally incorporated by the College Planning Council through the approval of a PCC Planning Group charge and membership in fall 2021. This charge and membership can be found on the right-hand side of this webpage. The PCC Planning Group ensures that Pacific Coast Campus faculty, staff, students, and management have a voice in the future of PCC. Through the PCC planning process, the planning group establishes and monitors long-term goals for PCC through the evaluation of service unit outcome data and progress on identified activities. Resources are prioritized and requested to accomplish the goals. The PCC plan is due to the Director of Planning at the end of each fall term in alignment with the Planning and Budget Timeline established by the College Planning Council and provided to all Vice Presidents to inform the development of the Vice President-Level Plans in the spring.