Parking Permits


The information on this page applies only to faculty and regular monthly employees. If you are a classified hourly employee, ask your supervisor how you can obtain a temporary parking permit.

The Staff Parking Permit form can be found in the Fiscal and Payroll Forms section.

Please complete this document and return it to the Cashier’s Office (Mail Code Y-20) Building A-1081 at LAC. Upon verification of a valid current assignment in the LBCCD Payroll System, Fiscal will issue a new permit to the location you have designated.

  1. The permit is a plastic card that should be hung on the back of your rear view mirror.
  2. This permit must be displayed to park in staff lots at either campus. Any car parked without a valid permit on its rear view mirror will be ticketed by the Long Beach Police Department.
  3. Cars parked in red, loading or unmarked spaces in any lot will be ticketed. There are no exceptions. Fire and safety regulations require that we keep all non-parking areas clear. You must park heading in to all parking spaces.
  4. Cars parked in the reserved handicap spaces must be display a valid handicap sticker.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Parking Services at (562) 938-4797. All LBCC Staff Parking Permits are distributed through the LAC Cashier’s Office.