Preparing for the Assessment Tests


The purpose of the LBCC assessment test is to identify your current reading, writing, and math skill levels so that you will enroll in the appropriate level of these courses and have a better chance of success.

The assessment test consists of four distinct sections.

  1. Reading Comprehension - Placements from BAE 601A to Reading Proficiency Met for Graduation
  2. Writing (Sentence Skills) - Placements from English 801A to English 1
  3. Writing (Essay) - Placements range English 801A to English 1
  4. Math - Placements range Math 805 to Math 60

The Reading, Writing (sentence skills) and Mathematics portions of the test are conducted on Accuplacer computerized software. The essay-writing portion is a handwritten composition in response to a topic.

Test Preparation Assistance

The Student Success Centers offer assistance to students who would like to prepare for the assessment tests by providing access to a free, non-credit Basic Education course (BAE 601B). Students who meet the entrance criteria can enroll at any time during the semester.

Once you are enrolled in this course, you will meet with a faculty member who will discuss your goals, academic history, and evaluate your skill levels in order to pinpoint areas where a review of skills is needed. You will then receive individualized assignments and instruction that will help you brush up on specific areas of need. 

You can also check out some tips and review Accuplacer Sample Questions to prepare for the assessment tests. In addition to this, an ACCUPLACE Practice Test is available on the College Board website.

Note: Students who have not yet completed the Assessment and Orientation Must submit an Assessment & Orientation Exemption Form prior to registering in BAE 601 or any other class.