Principles of Assessment
The Guiding Philosophy of Student Learning Outcomes


The Principles of Assessment 

These principles act as the guiding philosophy for outcomes assessment across campus and align with the Long Beach City College Strategic Plan. Outcomes assessment is a faculty-driven process. It is Purposeful, Focused, and Nurturing. It respects and builds on the contributions of all campus stakeholders to support students.

  • Assessment should be conducted to enhance student success.
  • Ensure students are learning by actively reviewing the strength of outcomes and the viability of assessment methods.
  • Help students achieve success by using assessment data to refine and share best teaching practices within departments and disciplines.
  • Focus institutional resources on the structures, processes, and practices that support transformation.
  • Align outcomes and assessment procedures with curriculum processes.
  • Address college and accreditation standards with an efficient assessment.
  • Use assessment data to directly inform institutional, program, and department planning.
  • Cultivate a climate of respect, inclusion, and support for our internal and external communities and lead efforts to innovate and align resources that impact the educational, economic, and social outcomes for our Long Beach communities.
  • Revitalize a positive, mutually supportive community of assessment.
  • Sustain a sense of belonging and affirm the contributions of all members.
  • Use outcomes assessment to strengthen and support student learning.