Quiet Couple Leaves a Lot
Phil and Sylvia Frick

The Fricks

The Long Beach City College Foundation just received an estate gift from Phil and Sylvia Frick.  “I was sitting at my desk a few months ago,” recalls Paul Kaminski, Executive Director of the LBCC Foundation, “and I got a call from an area code I haven’t seen in a while. It was actually Michigan, where I was born.  On the other end an attorney informed me that an estate gift from Phil and Sylvia Frick would be arriving in a few months.” 

Phil and Sylvia Frick moved to Long Beach in 1979. They liked to camp for extended periods, attend day trips with the Lifetime Learning Center, and even attended a tour of France with retired LBCC geography professor Dennis Napier. Sylvia, born and raised in Michigan, liked to play golf and sang in the church choir.  She also volunteered at the Red Cross and the Aquarium of the Pacific where she fed the sharks!

“We are truly grateful,” says Kaminski, “our general scholarship fund just got an influx of over $165,000 and our students will benefit for years to come. This is another example of a transformational estate gift for our Funding Our Future campaign. Long Beach City College and The Long Beach City College Foundation have long standing ties and impact in the community and this is a reflection of that.”

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a student, please contact Paul Kaminski at pkaminski@lbcc.edu  or at 562.537.8334