Remote Instruction/Online

A drawing of a person on a laptop.

LBCC is moving most classes online, starting Wed, March 18. LBCC instructors would be teaching classes through Canvas or using Zoom Conference.

Student Technology Help Desk - For technical support for LBCC students, please call (562) 938-4250 or email

Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) is in the process of contacting all faculty who provide instruction to students with a disability or chronic illness or injury, to help address any questions regarding course adaptations or accommodations as we move to remote teaching. Students with a disability or chronic illness or injury may also reach out to DSP&S for further support with arranging accommodations as LBCC moves to remote teaching.

Please contact DSPS at (562) 938-4558 (LAC) or (562) 938-3921 (PCC), and

Here are some quick resources that you should be looking at now to be ready.