Class Scheduling & PeopleSoft


The academic scheduling area is responsible for the production process that creates the schedule of classes, which includes room reservations, faculty workload, and class configuration. The process is coordinated each term, generally including two draft schedule runs distributed to departments for editing. Technical assistance is provided to college colleagues related to meeting patterns, class coding, workload, and the use of PeopleSoft. The schedule of classes is reviewed for quality control for legal requirements, college policy, and collective bargaining provisions.

Schedule Changes

  • Consult with the appropriate school dean, department head, or Academic Administrative Assistant.
  • A schedule change must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services with the signatures of the school dean, department head, or Academic Administrative Assistant.

To Reserve a Classroom

  • For a classroom change or request, first consult with the appropriate, school dean, department head, or Academic Administrative Assistant.
  • If you need a classroom or want to check the times that a particular classroom is available, you can use the PeopleSoft function of “Search for a Facility” or “Class Facility Usage” from the Web.
  • If you need a classroom or facility space other than instructional programs, student clubs, or organizations affiliated with Long Beach City College, please contact Hurticine Chukwudire at 938-4019. You will need to complete an Application for Use of College Facilities.

Schedule Directions

Spring 2020 Schedule Directions
Chancellor's Office Contact Hour Computation Table
Summer 2017 Schedule Directions
Winter 2018 Schedule Directions
16-Week Session Codes
Room Scheduling Guidelines
Room Scheduling Grid

Online Schedule Change Form

Room Priority Assignments Online Worksheet

Handouts & Instructions

Sample Annual Scheduling Gant Chart
Sample Schedule Gant Chart Fall 2019
Schedule Development Calendar 2019-2020
Search for a Facility and Class Facility Usage
Fall and Spring 16-wk Meeting Length Calculations
Fall and Spring 8-Week Daily Meeting Calculations
Simplified Formula for 16-Week Classes
Simplified Formula Classes Fewer than 16 Weeks
Intersession 5-Week Daily Meeting Length Calculations
How to Proof the Printers Proof
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