SLO Coordinator


The Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to faculty for the development and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes at the course, program, and institution levels to improve student success. The Coordinator is responsible to the Academic Senate’s Committee on Curriculum and Instruction for the development and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in the instructional process and reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for administrative, fiscal, and personnel matters.

The SLO Coordinator oversees, guides, and supports the work of the SLO Facilitators, chairs the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (ASLO) Subcommittee, and works with Institutional Effectiveness to ensure that the assessment cycle is carried out efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the SLO Coordinator empowers SLO Facilitators and faculty to analyze disaggregated SLO data and to close the loop on outcomes assessment in a focused and meaningful manner. The SLO Coordinator fosters a collaborative campus culture, ensures ACCJC Standards pertaining to SLO assessment are met, informs reports due to ACCJC, and prepares annual reports to highlight SLO assessment progress and accomplishments.  

The SLO Coordinator also works with members of the college community in promoting, developing, and implementing Student Learning Outcomes assessment and related activities such as departmental initiatives and grant development. The Coordinator serves as a member of the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction, College Planning Council, and Viking Pathways Taskforce; the Coordinator also serves as a liaison to the Faculty Professional Development Committee, as well as a resource to the Student Success Committee and Department Plan/Program Review Subcommittee. For the Institutional Self-Evaluation, the SLO Coordinator serves as a member of the Accreditation Standard IA/IB Committee, IC Committee, and IIA Committee.