SLO Facilitators


The SLO Facilitator is the faculty SLO leader for a department and is responsible for managing the SLO assessment process for its courses and programs. SLO Facilitators ensure that their departments are participating in the SLO assessment cycle at all levels, guiding fellow faculty toward “closing the loop” on assessment in focused and efficient ways. They also report out on department CSLO and PSLO results of assessment, analysis, and potential actions to take to improve student learning. 

Facilitators are trained by the SLO Coordinator to assist faculty with questions and concerns and become experts in assessment procedures, forms, and SLO-related accreditation standards. Facilitator awareness of and expertise in these processes and procedures allow faculty colleagues to focus on the creation of SLOs and assessment methods, as well as the analysis of assessment and potential actions to take to improve student learning. Furthermore, facilitators submit new, modified, and inactivated SLOs through the appropriate Google forms, which allows departments the benefits of automating assessment processes while meeting key accreditation standards. 

The SLO Facilitator position is highly interpersonal and involves encouraging, supporting, and guiding conversations with department faculty to improve student learning. It is essential that facilitators discuss timelines and expectations for course and program SLO assessment with department faculty. Facilitators also work in coordination with the ASLO Subcommittee and the SLO Coordinator. The position is a one-year commitment with the possibility for renewal based on an evaluation. Facilitators are paid a small stipend and the end of their commitment, upon completion of all responsibilities and submission of all deliverables. 

Current Department SLO Facilitators