Stock Transfers Support Campaign
Anonymous Donors


Do you have some stock that has appreciated in value? Do you want to put that money to work for a higher purpose?  Would you like to avoid capital gains taxes?  Transferring appreciated stock to the Long Beach City College Foundation can allow you to establish an endowment, save you on taxes, and help students achieve their educational goals.

Recently, the LBCC Foundation received over $130,000 in stock donations.  These funds were immediately liquidated and helped provide funding for the Long Beach College Promise, as well as endowments for the Guardian Scholars Program, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Fashion Design. Each donor enjoyed the tax benefits, while being able to provide a meaningful gift for the benefit of LBCC students.

When asked about the departments that are being supported, the donors responded, “The Guardian Scholars program assists students in foster care.  This endowment will allow for assistance for those not covered under the State’s Up Next funding.” Another donor selected Nutrition and Dietetics, and Fashion Design because they themselves were part of the program at one time, and the impact of the teachers and mentors has lasted a lifetime.”

All the donors agreed that Long Beach City College provides unique, excellent, and accessible education for everyone in the community, while providing hope for a better future.

The LBCC Foundation would like to thank our stock transfer donors for sharing their treasure which will provide resources for years to come!