Technology for Returning Students


With technology, the landscape of college education has done a complete turnaround.  The days of notebooks, printed syllabi, and textbooks are changing.  Now it’s tablets, smartphones, and eBooks.  Grades, assignments, and GPA calculators as well as audio recorders, phone cameras, virtual flashcards, and note taking software are a small sampling of technology tools that are used by the modern college student.  Textbooks and notebooks are not the only items being taken over by technology on the college campus.  Online courses are becoming an increasingly popular option. 

Times are changing on the college campus.  As a re-entry student you will need to learn how to use email to communicate with professors and how to study with technology.   Students will be expected to use information technology to assist with research, using the Internet and other digital tools for class.  While a video chat tool (e.g. Skype) can be used for virtual study groups, such technology can augment or detract from study skills.  Digital textbooks can cost approximately 40% less than printed textbooks.  It’s no wonder that nearly all students who own an e-reader read textbooks on it and most use digital tools when preparing a presentation. With this technology comes hundreds of “tech tools” and “apps” for the modern college student.

Integrating the latest and greatest technology, you get to take a more active role in learning and communicating in college.  Use the latest innovations to your advantage.  Here is some LBCC specific information to help you transition to this new world.

Viking Student System

Every enrolled student at LBCC has a personal electronic account.  This account is managed through the college’s Oracle PeopleSoft system. Your account will be referred to as the Viking Student System.  This system provides you with functions for enrollment, campus finances, academic planning, academic records, and direct contact with the college.  For example, an email account is required to use Long Beach City College’s online applications.  Keep that address current and check your email account regularly.

Besides the academic planning information listed here there are self-paced tutorials available to you to better manage your account.  Please visit the Viking Student System Help Files site to explore your account options and find further support.

CPAS Course

CPAS stands for Computer Proficiencies for Academic Success. These courses are designed to help you learn computer skills necessary to effectively complete academic work using a variety of technology applications and programs.  If you want to learn software programs for your career then look to other course options in the Computer and Office Studies Department.

Academic Computing Centers

The computer centers are academic support resources available to all Long Beach City College students.  Students wishing to use the Center must be in possession of a current student ID card or have a current printout of their classes.  The LAC Academic Computing Center is located in the upper level of the L Building, L-251.  The PCC Academic Computing Center is located on the second floor of the LL building in LL-216.  Services include the academic use of computers that have the most recent general software.  Printing is 10 cents per page.

Department Computer Labs

Several departments at the college have their own computer labs that are reserved for subject specific work.  These are located at both campuses and hours vary.  As with the Academic Computing Centers you will need to log in, provide current student identification, and verify that you are enrolled in an appropriate department course. 

Distance Learning Courses

LBCC offers a variety of courses at a distance both in a completely online format or as a hybrid course (scheduled partly online with weekly face-to-face class meetings). If you are new to Distance Learning to help you succeed the program offers tools to orient and prepare you for this special type of course structure.  Also some instructors web-enhance their courses.  This means that there is a course website that you will need to access to fully engage with the traditional face-to-face course materials and information. 

If you choose a LBCC online program, there will be no questions regarding the credibility of your degree or certificate. LBCC doesn’t differentiate between on-campus and distance learning courses.

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