Test Proctoring
Providing testing accountability for students


The LAR Department currently offers proctoring service for LBCC courses and instructors only. In the Multidisciplinary Success Center facilities at both campuses, a supervised testing site is available for the following:

  • Current Long Beach City College students who have their instructor’s authorization to take a make-up exam. Makeup exams are not guaranteed, but a courtesy service provided to faculty if space and time allow.

Proctored exams can be scheduled during regular business hours.  Make sure your instructor files a Test Proctor Form with the department at least 24 hours prior to the requested testing date.  Bring a current LBCC student identification or a government-issued photo identification card to your appointment.  Note that we may not be able to proctor exams in some circumstances—at the department’s discretion.

Our Assurances

The LAR Department at LBCC will:

  • Check all identification to verify the identity of the candidate taking an exam.
  • Monitor the candidate for the duration of the test to prevent irregularities.
  • Include an irregularity report together with the test if an irregularity has occurred.
  • Keep the test in a secure location.
For more specific assistance, availability, or to submit a request please contact Alexis REDMOND or Elizabeth Gallardo at any of the Success Centers.