What is the ALCI?
Learn about the benefits of the ALCI program


Why Choose the ALCI

Because we understand that learning goes beyond the classroom and beyond the LBCC campus, the ALCI program presents students with opportunities to participate in local activities (such as picnics in the park, group bike rides, etc.). Other off-campus field trips have included: Knott’s Berry Farm, UCLA campus tour, Aquarium of the Pacific, Huntington Beach, etc.  We usually sponsor 2 field trips per 8-week session and have students vote on their preferred destination.

Aside from the great language and cultural education, ALCI students enjoy studying and living in Southern California. Just a 20-minute commute from Los Angeles, the main campus of LBCC is situated in a very beautiful, safe, suburban area of Long Beach. The neighborhood is populated with beautiful, single-family homes and many parks, bike paths and other open areas. Restaurants and shopping are not far, and the beach is only a few miles away. And the weather is beautiful all year round!

About the Program

The ALCI program includes a strong focus on the basic skills needed to be a successful college student. Therefore, students spend many hours a week studying reading, writing, and grammar. However, the expert teachers at ALCI realize that it takes more than the basics to be a successful English speaker and college student. Therefore, students will also study and improve their listening, speaking, pronunciation and use of English idioms.

Because gaining familiarity with the college is important for many of our students, the ALCI teachers and staff take special care to guide the students through the institution’s administrative processes. Beginning with your application to the program, we are there to help you with any questions or concerns that may arise. Campus tours, placement testing, academic advising and other procedures are included in the program to help students easily navigate the college system.

ALCI teachers are selected very carefully. We hire only experienced, talented and innovative teachers so that students enjoy their learning experience. Students do not sit quietly at their desks taking notes all day.  Students are encouraged to participate in the interactive, communicative learning methods that are used in their classroom. We believe that a student who develops a love for learning, a love for the English language and a love of American culture will be a successful student.

Class Size and Diversity

Because the ALCI program is a small program, students can expect to have small classes (15 or fewer students). This assures that students get much individual attention from their teachers and many opportunities to practice their English. Teachers also love the small class sizes because they can easily provide lots of feedback to each student design their lessons to meet the needs of their students.

ALCI boasts an unusually diverse student population. In a class of 10 students, it’s not unusual to have 8 different countries represented. Just name a country, and a student from there has probably studied at ALCI.  International students from all over the globe (Asia, South America, Africa, etc.) find their way to the American Language & Culture Institute to study English as a second language. Students that attend the ALCI make friends from all over the world and remain friends (especially thanks to Facebook) for years to come.