Writing & Reading Supplemental Learning Assistance


SLAs are offered in three different ways: 

  • Instructor-led Workshops 
  • Tutor-led Directed Study Groups (DSGs) 
  • Directed Learning Activities (DLAs) 

*Students are encouraged to try all three formats. 

Classes Offering SLA 

The following English and Reading classes have an SLA requirement:

  • English 801A, 801B, 105
  • Read 881, 883, 82, and 83

DLAs offered 

Directed Learning Activities, also known as DLAs, are individual activities that do not require appointments, but students should plan for a minimum of one hour to work through an activity and follow up with an instructor and/or tutor one-on-one.

DLAs are tailored to each English (105 & 801) and Reading course level (83, 82, 883, 881), so students must ask for the appropriate level. Student ID or student ID number and a picture ID are required.

**Please note that WRSC staff stops handing out DLAs one hour before closing. **No more than one DLA per subject may be completed per day.

Supplemental Learning Assistance Menu of Topics

Activity dates

Fall 2017  

(Note: the dates below are for full semester, 16-week courses only; for a complete list, including compressed 8-week course dates, see Complete SLA Activity Dates Fall 2017.)

Activity 1 Dates:  
Tuesday, September 5 — Saturday, October 7

Activity 2 Dates:  
Monday, October 9 — Saturday, November 11

Activity 3 Dates:  
Monday, November 13 — Saturday, December 9
The last day to complete DLAs is Saturday, December 2nd. However, Workshops and DSGs are available Monday, December 4th through Saturday, December 9th.

Online SLA Tutoring

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ENGLISH Workshops SP17 

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READ Workshops SP17

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