Jorgel Chavez
Student Trustee


Jorgel Chavez, a graduate of Bell Gardens High School, is a first generation college student currently enrolled in his fourth semester at Long Beach City College. After coming back from San Francisco State University in Spring 2016, Jorgel wanted to fully grasp the community aspect and involvement within LBCC so therefore when elections rolled around in Spring 2017, Student Trustee was a perfect match. As Student Trustee, he hopes to serve the people and ultimately, voice their concerns not just with the Associated Student Body, but also with the Board of Trustees.

After his first semester at LBCC, Fall 2015, Jorgel had the opportunity to attend San Francisco State University to continue his educational career. He was going to enroll as an undergraduate within their Political Science Department. Therefore, Jorgel took that opportunity; however, after three months, a burden became true and he experienced it first hand. The cost of living and units was extreme and loans seemed to be the only options. This financial burden was the determining factor that led his decision to return back to LBCC in Summer 2016.

Aside from being involved in ASB, Jorgel is serving on two honor society boards for LBCC along with being a member of the Honors Program and the Political Science Student Association. He is serving as the Senate Representative for Alpha Gamma Sigma, Kappa Chapter. He is also serving as the Vice President of Communications for Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Tau Chapter. Aside from LBCC involvement, he has been part of State Senator Ricardo Lara’s Young Senators Program and Assembly member Cristina Garcia’s Young Legislators Program. At the age of 16, Jorgel was appointed to the Recreation, Cultural, and Youth Commission by then Councilmember Mendoza, now Mayor Mendoza from the city of Bell Gardens. Throughout his service, he oversaw the parks and recreation and amongst the commission members, he was elected Vice Chair. In the history of the city of Bell Gardens, he has been the youngest commissioner to ever hold office.

Chavez is currently a double major in Political Science with a specialty in American Politics and Communication Studies with a specialty in Speech Communication. He hopes to transfer to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with two AA’s in Political Science and Communication Studies along with 2 certificates in Global Political Science and General Political Science. He ultimately plans to hold public office and serve the people.