Program: College and Workplace Readiness


College & Workplace Readiness

Long Beach City College offers certificates of competency in the noncredit program for adults seeking to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). Long Beach City College also offers a certificate of completion in the noncredit program to prepare students for College and Workplace Readiness.



Certificate of Competency, College and Workplace Readiness

The certificate in College and Workplace Readiness will certify that students have achieved the basic skills of reading, writing, computation and basic technology, financial and goal clarification necessary for success in pre-transfer level college courses. Furthermore, this certificate will verify that students have demonstrated skill achievement at levels that are necessary for pursuing high-skill, high wage employment.

Students must log in a minimum of 54 contact hours of laboratory work. The student must complete the required assessment/proficiency exams in reading,
writing, and mathematics for each course with a score of 80% or above in each required assessment/proficiency exam.

Certificate of Competency, English for Everyday

Students completing English for Everyday certificate will possess the English language skills necessary for most daily activities. They will have sufficient
speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for a wide variety of occupations such as retail, hospitality, transportation, or manufacturing.

Students must complete a minimum of 234 hours.

Certificate of Competency, Reading Skills for ESL Students

Students completing the certificate will possess an English language reading level adequate for most daily activities. They will be ready for employment positions requiring the completion of forms, following written directions and instructions, and understanding short narratives

Students must complete a minimum of 72 hours.