Results of Assessments & Actions


Assessment Results

Results of assessment consist of the combined data from sections of a course (for course SLO analysis) or courses (for program SLO analysis) and are compared to the expected level of achievement specified in the course or program SLO methodology. At this point in the Assessment Cycle, you can call on the Educational Assessment Research Analyst I (EARAI) if you are collecting data that can be disaggregated and would like assistance in the analysis.


Analyzing Results of Assessment

Regardless of who analyzes your data, your course and program level SLO results, as well as the entire assessment process, should be discussed among faculty at your department meetings to determine the further meaning behind the results and what actions to take. At the meetings, faculty should share copies of the assessment instrument (e.g., rubric, exam questions, survey), the assessment plan, and the results with those involved in the discussion.


Assessment Actions

Taking actions based on the results of your assessment is the final step in your assessment. This phase of the assessment process is referred to as “closing the loop.” Actions that can be taken include changing aspects of a course or instruction in the classroom to improve student learning, revising SLOs, or revising methodologies.