Shannon McHale and Steven Phillips
Alumni Couple!

Staff Highlights

In 1972, students Shannon McHale from Malibu and Steven Phillips from Long Beach would meet and subsequently end up spending many years happily married.  Shannon joined the Ramayana sorority and Steven became a member of the Vidar fraternity.  They first met on October 5, 1972 at the sorority kidnap night. They had their first date two days later at the “Joint Presents” where all the girls who made it into the sororities were presented in the LBCC cafeteria.

Shannon studied Theatre Arts and Steven graduated in 1974 with his AA degree.  He went on to California State University Long Beach where he earned his degree in Criminal Justice in 1976.  He then went on to Western State Law School in Fullerton, CA.  They moved to Ventura in 1985, where Steven served as Assistant District Attorney until retirement in 2016.

Shannon and Steven are a true love story.  They were married 5 years after they first met here at LBCC on December 10, 1977, and just recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary.  They have two children and 2 grandchildren.