Student Clubs


Clubs & Organizations

Long Beach City College has a number of opportunities for you to get connected. Joining a club or organization will provide you the opportunity to make new friends, develop leadership skills, and contribute to LBCC and the community. Utilize the connections you will make within these clubs and organizations to help you plan your future, network and build lifelong friendships. 

With your College Service sticker, you are eligible to join a club and participate in their activities held each week. There are a number of resources available to club members including advising, mentoring, leadership development, volunteer opportunities, grants, scholarships and much more! And if you don’t find a club that catches your attention, start one! 

The Office of Student Life has partnered with a company called NordicSync to offer online features to our student organizations and students looking to “Get Connected!” NordicSync is a collaborative portal specifically designed to help student groups and organizations collaborate and communicate. It is also a great way for students to learn about campus clubs, event, and activities.


Cultural Affairs

The PCC Cultural Affairs Committee is a group that plans on-campus cultural events. Their motto is “Unity in Diversity” and with that, the goal of the committee is to engage the LBCC student in cultural experiences that the student may not had experienced before. We invite students to attend our weekly meetings and/or suggest events that you would like to see on the LBCC/Pacific Coast Campus. 


Volunteer Resource Center

Welcome to the Viking Volunteer Resource Center (VVRC)! Volunteering helps connect students, clubs and organizations to the community through service. The VVRC can provide information for volunteer opportunities throughout the surrounding community. 



Intramural Sports

It is the aim of Intramural and Recreational Sports to provide an opportunity for each LBCC student to participate in his or her favorite competitive sport. We promote wellness and healthy lifestyle choices for the LBCC community by providing opportunities to engage in athletic and fitness activities.  


Leadership Programs

Your “out of the classroom learning” is an important aspect of your college life. Participation in leadership will help you understand your role in group settings, help develop abilities for others to follow, and prepare you to act responsibly in a diversity of situations. Having leadership skills looks great on your resume and helps you stand out from other competitors in the job market, but there are life-long friendships to be made, practical skills to develop, and people to be served through your involvement.


John Fylpaa Leadership Institute

The goal of the John Fylpaa Leadership Institute (JFLI) is to promote civic engagement and foster the development of leaders who want to create change in their community. JFLI promotes co-curricular learning through experiential activities such as a mandatory weekend retreat, monthly workshops, field trips, guest speakers and a group project.