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USC Transfer Planning Guide/Resource

You will find the following link very useful if you are a hopeful USC. It is similar to (what you use when transferring to a CSU or UC school). After selecting a CA community college (such as Long Beach City College) or certain select 4-year schools, you will be shown what work can be done at that school to complete your GE courses as well as courses for your major before attending USC. Please bookmark this link for future reference. 


Which courses transfer and what are your major courses?

Aside from the transferable GPA calculation question, the most common questions asked in our application assistance “panic rooms” and in questions regarding the supplemental applications have been, “How do I know what courses for my university major are equivalent to courses at LBCC?” and “How do I know which courses at LBCC are transferable to a UC/CSU?” Below is a link on the website containing short demos that help explain how to use the website to find CSU/UC transferable courses at CA community colleges and how to find major course agreements between CSU/UCs and CA community


Which CSU schools are accepting admissions applications for certain terms/years?

One of the main affects of the dire California state budget is that many CSU campuses are no longer accepting applications for certain semesters/quarters. You can use the csumentor website to discover which CSU campuses are accepting applications for specific terms and years (e.g., Spring 2010) as well as the application filing periods. Be diligent about keeping track of this type of transfer information and checking the application status often, because this information changes periodically especially as we get closer to the term/year you are interested in transferring.


Fall 2017 CSU/UC Transfer Applications Due November 30th

The priority filing deadline for fall 2017 CSU and UC transfer is November 30th. We cannot guarantee that all CSU and UC campuses/majors will be open after this priority deadline date. See the attachment for application links and application assistance. Don’t wait another year because you missed this important deadline! We are here to help you! 

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