WIP: Computer & Office Studies


About the Department

As technology propels society into the future, the Computer and Office Studies Department has the courses and resources to help students succeed in today’s world. Those whose interests lie in programming and emerging technologies will find a full range of computer science classes in coding, software development, and systems networking. Those with a business emphasis or seeking to advance in the workplace will find classes in administrative duties, database management, and web development. Beginners and others seeking to hone basic skills will find keyboarding and digital literacy courses. Specialty classes include cyber security for students drawn to the growing field of protecting systems and networks. The department offers both Associate of Science degrees and professional certifications, preparing students for higher education and career.




Business Information Worker

Business colleagues looking at chart to discuss in meeting
Associate in Science (AS), Business Information Worker
Certificate of Achievement, Business Information Worker
certificate of accomplishment, business digital literacy
certificate of accomplishment, Microsoft essentials
certificate of accomplishment, digital and social media
certificate of accomplishment, customer relations specialist


Computer Science

Computer Science Concept with motherboard and modern city
Associate in Science (AS), Computer Science
Certificate of Achievement, Computer Science
Certificate of Accomplishment, Android App Developer





Computer Security & networking

Computer Security Concept with locks on laptop
Associate in Science (AS), Computer Security & Networking
Certificate of Achievement, Computer Security & Networking
Certificate of Accomplishment, Microsoft Windows Networking Technician
Certificate of Accomplishment, Cyber Security
Certificate of Accomplishment, Computer Hardware Technician
Certificate of Accomplishment, Computer Network Technician
Certificate of Accomplishment, Unix Network Administrator




Computer Support Specialist

Customer Support worker smiling while chatting with customers on the phone infront of computers
Associate in Science (AS), Computer Support Specialist
Certificate of Achievement, Computer Support Specialist
Certificate of Accomplishment, Customer Relations Specialist
Certificate of Accomplishment, Computer Hardware Technician

Database Management

Workers in server room developing database systems
Associate in Science (AS), Database Management
Certificate of Achievement, Database Management
Certificate of Accomplishment, SQL Programming & Design
Certificate of Accomplishment, Database infrastructures

Computer Technology

Scientists working on Computer Technology
Associate in Science (AS), Computer Technology
Certificate of Achievement, Computer Technology
Certificate of accomplishment, computer hardware technician





Web Development

A person working on codings and web development with computers
Associate in Science (AS), Web Development
Certificate of Achievement, Web Development
Certificate of Accomplishment, PHP Web Programmer
Certificate of Accomplishment, Android App Developer
Certificate of Accomplishment, Web Developer