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Economics is consistently rated among the top most employable and among the top ten best paying degrees.  But as any good economist will tell you; it is not always about more money, but rather more opportunity. Economists work for big or small firms, in the public or private sector, with non-profits and for-profit firms. Economists work everywhere in firms: accounting, advertising, finance, management, marketing, production, research and development, and sales.

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Degrees & Certificates

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    Associate in Arts in Economics for Transfer Degree (AA-T)

    The Associate Degree for Transfer in Economics (Plan Code: 5018B/C) provides systematic knowledge of the nature and scope of economics with a diverse academic regimen and practical application. The study of economic concepts and theories with concentrations that include: Macroeconomic Analysis, Microeconomic Analysis, Contemporary Economic Issues, and The Global Economy. In addition, an economics major is preparation for general education, good citizenship and literate participation in a market-oriented life.

    The Economics program (AA-T in Economics) offers students a comprehensive education in the theoretical as well as practical applications of the discipline. The degree offers a variety of economics and business courses that aid in familiarizing students with the diverse subfields in the area of Economics.

    The mission of this program is to provide a definitive course of study in economics to a diverse population of students, ultimately preparing those students for transfer to university. This program in economics is a diverse academic, theoretical and practical, major that is applicable to everyday life, which further fulfills the general requirements of the California State University transfer system.


    • Ensure that 85% of all courses meet or exceed their outcome/assessment goals and develop appropriate action plans for continuous improvement. 
    • Develop strategies throughout all Economics courses to enhance the development of our students’ critical-thinking skills: their ability to reason, ask appropriate questions, make strong decision and communicate/collaborate effectively and efficiently. 
    • Improve the levels of success and retention for students of the Economics program. 

    Certificate of Accomplishment, Business Economics

    The Business Economics Certificate of Accomplishment (Plan Code: 4144) will prepare a student to continue toward the attainment of an Associate Degree and/or for an entry-level position in a small/medium-sized business, in functions such as accounting, finance or budget planning. Additionally, this may prepare the student for a variety of starting positions in government planning.

    Certificate of Accomplishment, Money & Banking

    The Money & Banking Certificate of Accomplishment (Plan Code 4145) will prepare a student to continue toward the attainment of an Associate Degree and/or for an entry-level position in a small/medium-sized business in a financial or banking industry, and in functions such as accounting and budget planning. 

    Course offerings

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    Course Name   Fall   Winter Spring Summer

    ECON 1
    Macro Economics

    ECON 1H
    Macro Economics Honors


    ECON 2
    Micro Economics

    ECON 2H
    Micro Economics Honors


    ECON 3
    General Concepts in Economics

    ECON 4
    Contemporary Economic Issues


    ECON 5
    The Global Economy