WIP: Metal Fabrication Technology

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About the Program

The Metal Fabrication Technology program’s mission is to provide technical training to meet the demands of the industry and the needs of the individual to demonstrate entry-level skills necessary for employment. We strive for each student’s success and prepare them with the knowledge for a better future.

Career opportunities:


Degrees & Certificates

Explore the degrees and certificates offered by Metal Fabrication Technology Program.

associate in science (as), metal fabrication technology

Begin your career with an Associate Degree to prepare for entry positions in sheet metal layout, fabrication, and installation. The AS Degree will provide students with the technical competencies required to meet the demands of the metal fabrication industries. This degree will also provide the General Education courses that help build the scope of knowledge and self-confidence that prepare students for the working environment.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will perform a common sheet metal layout and fabrication project
  • Perform common metal fabrication using power machinery to produce a fabrication project
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and interpret construction blueprints
  • Analyze and apply software to design a sheet metal part and export it to the CNC plasma table in the proper vector format
  • Design and fabricate an advanced sheet metal project involving two different pieces of CNC fabrication equipment

certificate of achievement, core skills

The Core Skills Certificate of Achievement will prepare students for an entry-level position as a trainee in sheet metal layout, fabrication, and installment.

certificate of achievement, advanced skills

The Advanced Skills Certificate of Achievement will prepare students for entry-level positions as a trainee in sheet metal layout, fabrication, and installation. This certificate of achievement will add emphasis on sheet metal CNC fabrication, drafting and welding, and provide preparation for acceptance into and apprenticeship on one of the metalworking trades.

certificate of accomplishment, robotic welding automation

The Certificate of Accomplishment in Robotic Welding Automation provides training to gain the technical and applied skills require to perform advanced programming and operational tasks per the American Welding Society standards and specifications for robotic welding.

Course offerings

View courses offered in different semesters to assist in developing academic plans.

Course Name Fall Winter Spring Summer
Introduction to Metalworking
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Advanced Metal Layout and Fabrication
Power Metalworking Machine Operations aka Fire pit Fabrication
CNC Metal Fabrication Systems aka Stainless Steel Toolbox Fabrication
Sheet Metal Duct Systems and Fabrication
Blueprint Reading for Metal Fabrication
Introduction to Robotic Welding
Intermediate Robotic Welding
Metal Fabrication and Layout
Metal Fabrication and Layout

Program resources

Industry certification:

American Welding Society Logo American Welding Society (AWS)
Advancing the science, technology, and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes worldwide: that’s our mission and it’s why we exist. Whether you’re here to explore membership, certification, advanced training, updated standards, conferences, professional collaborations or the many exciting career opportunities in welding today – we are here to support you. Count on AWS for the leading-edge industry knowledge, resources and tools you need to achieve even greater business and career success.

The AWS SENSE Program is a comprehensive set of minimum Standards and Guidelines for Welding Education programs. Schools can incorporate SENSE into their own curriculum in order to help attain Perkins funding as well as to help insure an education that is consistent with other SENSE schools across the nation. This program is fully supported by the American Welding Society (AWS).


What are the prerequisites for Metal Fab?

Course Number Course Name


Introduction to Metalworking


What attire should I wear to class?

  • Proper shoes
  • Clothing that may get dirty

Any materials or equipment a Student should buy (or not provided from the class)?

  • PPE
  • Welding Sleeves
  • Mask and Gloves
Class syllabus will provide further information