Inclusive Strategies 3
Instill a sense of mattering and belonging in historically underserved students through welcoming, anti-racist, and inclusive programs, initiatives, and campus environments

Microsite: Strategies Inclusive
  • Continue to support cultural and heritage communities, programming, and resources that create welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environments for students of all backgrounds
  • Scale successful learning communities (e.g., Puente, Umoja) and programs (e.g., EOPS, DSPS)
  • Create a culturally responsive and welcoming campus for our students through visual representation (e.g., murals or other artwork or imagery) mirroring our campus community
  • Continue to create safe and welcoming spaces on both campuses where students can engage in social and racial justice efforts, build relationships, and feel that their multifaceted identities are valued and seen
  • Ensure the development of, and upgrades to, facilities are inclusive (e.g., gender-inclusive bathrooms)