Student Complaints & Grievances

Student Complaints and Grievances

Long Beach City College promotes a safe and inclusive environment through ensuring transparent and fair complaint and grievance processes. The following categories include further information on how to file specific types of complaints and grievances at the College.

If you have concerns for student health or wellbeing, please complete the Public Incident Report Form.

If you need to report an emergency, call Campus Police at (562) 938-4911 or dial 9-1-1.

Discrimination/Harassment/Sexual Harassment and Violence Complaints (Title IX)

Long Beach City College takes all complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence very seriously. We understand that it can be difficult for students to come forward and file a complaint, and we’ve attempted to simplify the process as much as possible. You can find more information on the Title IX Complaint Process on the LBCC Title IX webpage.

If you feel you have experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, or misconduct, please do one of the following: fill out and submit this form: Harassment or Discrimination Complaint Form and submit to Deborah Miller-Calvert at; email, or complete the Public Incident Report Form by selecting the appropriate report type from the drop-down (Sexual Misconduct, Dating/Domestic Violence, or Stalking.

Processes for addressing complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence are outlined in Board Policies 3434 and 3435 and Administrative Procedures 3434 and 3435.

Student Conduct Complaints

Students are responsible for upholding Standards of Conduct, outlined in Board Policy 5500. Student Standards of conduct include academic honesty and behavioral expectations. Complaints regarding violations of student standards of conduct should be submitted through the College’s Public Incident Report Form by selecting the appropriate report type from the drop-down (Academic Integrity or Student Conduct Code Violation) and completing the form questions.

Processes for addressing alleged violations of student conduct are outlined in Administrative Procedure 5520.

Student Grade Complaints

A student who has been assigned a grade which he/she believes to be incorrect may file a request for a change of grade within two years of when the grade was assigned, as described in Administrative Procedure 4231. To do so, a student must complete and submit the Grade Change Request Form to the Office of Admissions and Records by either emailing the completed form to or submitting the form to the Admissions and Records Office (Liberal Arts Campus Building A Room 1075 or Pacific Coast Campus Building GG Room 102).

Students who previously submitted a Grade Change Request Form who want to appeal the decision involving the grade review may submit a formal appeal to the Office of Admissions and Records by completing the Request for Appeal of Grade Change Denial Form and submitting this form to the Office of Admissions and Records (LAC Building A Room 1075 and PCC Building GG Room 102).

Student Grievances

Student grievances are defined as a claim by a student who reasonably believes a college decision or action has adversely affected his/her/their status, rights, or privileges as a student. Administrative Procedure 5530 outlines what is and is not included in the scope of a student grievance.

Student grievances should be submitted through the College’s Public Incident Report Form by selecting the appropriate report type (Grievance) and completing the form questions.

Non-Academic Informal Complaint Form

Informal student complaints regarding experiences with non-academic services may be submitted through the Student Non-Academic Complaint Form.

Disabled Student Programs/Services Grievances

Students registered with the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) Office for a qualifying disability who are dissatisfied with an assigned reasonable accommodation or who are dissatisfied with implementation of an approved accommodation can make a complaint or appeal the decision of a previous complaint resolution by following the procedures outlined on the DSPS Grievance Process & Application webpage in alignment with Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 5140.

Student complaints must first go through an informal resolution process. DSP&S students can initiate a complaint by:

  • Filing a Resolution Complaint Process Form to the DSP&S office either at the Liberal Arts College (LAC) or Pacific Coast Campus (PCC).
  • Or, online via this form.
  • Or, meeting with a DSP&S staff member to provide all relevant information regarding the complaint. All submissions must identify the facts that provide the basis for filing a complaint.

Matriculation Complaints

New students who are dissatisfied with the College’s orientation and/or placement processes can make a complaint by completing the Matriculation Complaint Form.

Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) and Chancellor’s Office Complaints

Most complaints, grievances, and disciplinary matters should be resolved at the College level.

Complaints regarding College compliance with accreditation eligibility requirements, standards, and/or policies should be formally submitted to ACCJC through the ACCJC’s complaint form. As stated on ACCJC’s website, individuals wishing to submit a formal complaint to the ACCJC should become familiar with the requirements for doing so (ACCJC’s Policy on Student and Public Complaints Against Institutions) prior to submitting the formal complaint.

Complaints regarding the College that fall outside of the scope of accreditation can be submitted to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office through their Complaint Form.